Share your best holiday memories!

No need to get out your smartphone any longer or to take off your gloves or mittens in this Arctic cold – Valmorel has installed 2 photo systems for you in the resort livery!

Don’t hold back, use it and !

Sitting on one of the famous Mottet chairlift’s old seats at an altitude of 2400m, all you have to do is show your lift pass to the terminal and wait for the 4 beeps then smile at the camera on the pylon just in front of you! In the background of your photo: an outstanding panoramic view of Mont-Blanc from the Mottet Photo Point and a stunning view of the Lauzière massif from the Arenouillaz Photo Point…

No need to choose the official group photograph any longer, Valmorel will do everything for you!

How to get to the Photo Point of :

  • Arenouillaz
  • Mottet

From the snowfront in Valmorel, take the Altispace I-II chairlift then the Biollène chairlift. That’s it. You’re there! Smile…

From the snowfront in Valmorel, take the Pierrafort telecabin then the 6-seater Mottet chairlift to the top at an altitude of 2400m!

How does it work?

1. To operate the camera, swipe your lift pass in front of the terminal to the left of the platform where the chair you’re sitting on is located.
2. Wait for the 4 beeps and smile!
3. Pick up your photo on this page by completing the form below

Collecting your photos :

Fill in the form below with the number of your lift pass (without space) and you will receive your photo directly by e-mail!