Our commitment to you

Plan your trip to Valmorel
in the comfort of your own home!

Choose your skipass, check the prices, explore the GRAND DOMAINE piste map, snow reports, promotional offers, etc.
All the information you need is available online so you can plan your trip in advance for complete peace of mind when you arrive!

As soon as you arrive in Valmorel, all you have to do is put on your skis!

Buy or recharge your skipasses online, they will be sent to your home for free. You can also pick them up at different pick-up points in the resort using our Click & -Collect service.

If you buy your skipasses on the Valmorel website, you can change your order up the the day before the passes are valid*. You can change the start date and the number of days of duration free of charge (as long as the price stays the same).
If you have to cancel your holiday, your skipasses can be refunded for any reason and without any justification up to 1 day before the first day of validity.

*applies to skipasses of between 3 and 15 days duration.

Thanks to its micro-climate, its north-facing aspect and its location sheltered by the Col de la Madeleine, the Grand Domaine ski area benefits from  relatively high level of snow cover throughout the season, normally about 15% more than other resorts at the same altitude. The Grand Domaine is equipped with nearly 370 snow canons which make it possible to reinforce certain more exposed areas to ensure maximum skiability and maintain an optimum level of snow cover throughout the season.

Not sure which skipasses to choose?  Contact us by email at dsv@dsv-valmorel.com specifying the dates of your stay, the  make-up of your family or  group  and their exact ages and we promise to get back to  you within 2 working days with details of the best and most suitable options and deals.

Comfort, services and safety


In each sector of the Valmorel ski area, there are modern and easily accessible toilets at your service: Rocher, Pierrafort, Planchamp, Madeleine, Montolivet-Celliers. Due to our commitment to the preservation of the environment, all our facilities are "dry toilets",
which do not use water.

Picnic areas

As well as the many mountain restaurants, you can also take advantage of our various picnic areas, which are all in great locations with panoramic views: Mottet, Pierrafort, Planchamp, Lanchettes, Celliers, Combelouvière, start Biollene and also at the Bois de la Croix.

Information points

All of our staff, at the lift stations, sales outlets and first aid posts, are also trained to provide you with information about snow conditions, avalanche risks, route-planning, piste difficulty, etc. They will be delighted to help you.


Many lifts are equipped for handiski and some like the Pierrafort gondola lift are accessible by people with reduced mobility.

Children's safety

The Valmorel ski area has one of the best user ratings for feeling safe on the slopes (from opinions about the density of skiers, in comparison with other resorts) … You can ski the Grand Domaine with complete peace of mind.

All our 4- and 6-seater chairlifts are equipped with a safety system designed to keep small children securely in their seats.


Despite how careful parents are, it can happen that sometimes a child gets lost in the ski area. We suggest you write your name and mobile phone number in your child’s pocket or on their helmet so that the  ski patrols will be able to contact you easily and you can be re-united as soon as possible.
Tell your child that if they get lost, they should tell the nearest lift operator, pisteur or ski instructor.