Find the most recurring questions about skipasses, insurance, online sales, keycard and the ski area!


This number is on the top, right side of your card. It is composed of 22 numbers and always starts by 01-1614 XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX-X.

If you do not have a rechargeable card, it will be added to your total at checkout, online or at the lift pass office. The cards have an additionnal deposit of 3€ per card and are refundable at the end of your stay at the lift pass office or with partner businesses in the resort.

You can top up your card from home, by going on our website on your computer, tablet or phone. In resort, in all our sales offices or on our self-service kiosks.

Yes, as long as the dates don’t overlap. This is not possible if you have a valid seasons pass.

All keycards with a DTA number with the format 01-1614 XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX-X are rechargeable, providing the card is in working order.

All the information about our loyalty program is available here.

Ski area

The Ski Patrol number is available on all Valmorel skipasses and on our piste maps.

Click here and follow the procedure to easily retrieve your souvenir photo.

Waste containers are available in the resort to promote recycling.

Each lost item is listed and centralized at the Municipal Police of Valmorel.

Passes & prices

VALMOREL only skipasses are available for 4 hours and 1 day.
From 2 consecutive days, you automatically benefit from a pass valid for the entire Grand Domaine.

Yes, there is a beginners pass for adults and children, available only at the lift pass office. Click here for more information.

To enjoy skiing with friends, choose the Tribu-Family Pass to benefit from a 10% discount. Offer only valid for purchases of minimum 3 or more 6 to 15-day (or longer) Grand Domaine ADULT/CHILD skipasses when purchased simultaneously for the same dates, and purchased in one single transaction.

The student discount is applicable every day, valid on 1 to 6-day Grand Domaine passes, on presentation of the Student card at the lift pass office by its holder.

Your order confirmation must be presented in the event of a subsequent request (loss, malfunction). It will also be necessary in the event of an accident if Carré Neige insurance was purchased with the skipass.

Online sale

Buying online allows you to benefit from exclusive online promotions, to accumulate points via your loyalty account, and above all to go skiing without having to queue at the skipass office!

A photo (ID format) is asked only for lift passes valid for 9 days or more.

If you want to receive your lift passes before your departure, we advise that you place your order at the latest 15 days before your first ski day. If you’re not sure, you can choose the “Click & Collect” option while checking out, to collect your lift passes in resort (possible up to 24h before first ski day).

Yes, on request via our online contact form. Please remember to give us your order number.

In the event of recharging keycards already in your possession, you have nothing to do, except to remember to bring your skipasses! If purchasing new rechargeable cards, make sure you have requested a home delivery. If so, contact us via the online contact form and we will provide you with a solution. Remember to give us your order number.

Check your Junk/Spam folder! Not receiving a confirmation does not mean that your order is not registered.
Before placing another order, ask for a verification by phone: +33 4 79 09 80 26 (office hours) or make your request via the online contact form.

No problem, just click on “Forgotten Password?” and enter your email address. Your login details will then be sent via email. If you have changed your email address, do not hesitate to get in touch by phone, or via the contact form on our website, so our team can save your new email address.

Send us a request via the online contact form providing all your contact details.

When you create an account, the data you fill in the first time (contact details, family reloadable card numbers, dates of birth, etc.) will be saved for your next purchases.

In addition, accumulate your skipass purchases online and benefit from credits on your next orders. Access the loyalty programme.

  • Skipasses are personal, non-transferable and non-transferable, i.e. they cannot be given away, even to family members. If it is lent or checked in the ski area, you risk paying a fine.


For example: the cost of rescue for a knee sprain with evacuation by sledge to the Valmorel doctor’s surgery is around 600 €.
We therefore advise you to take out Carré Neige insurance when you buy your ski pass to avoid having to pay these costs in advance.

Terms & conditions apply online.


The Ski Area of Valmorel will open from the 17th of December 2022 to the 16th of April 2023 as planned.

-Speed reduction of ski lifts during low rush periods. For example, by reducing the speed by 1 meter per second, the time to reach the top of the Mottet chairlift increase to 22 seconds and the consumption decrease to around 15%.


-Closing of duplicated ski lifts (Charmettes 1 ou 2, Montolivet ou Rochette, Valette or Sources drag lifts, Prariond, Blanchot, Gollet or Lanchettes chairlift) also during low rush period, without impacting the ski offer.


-Training 100% of the employees to the eco driving of the ski lifts and the snowcats.


-Optimisation of the production of artificial snow and therefore a reduction in the use of water resources and electrical energy thanks to the use of a tool for measuring snow depth in real time installed on several snow groomers (SNOWSAT system with differential GPS).


-Reducing fuel consumption of the groomers by optimising the grooming plan according to the weather conditions, the snow cover and the number of people in the ski area. For example, we will reduce the width of the slopes during low traffic periods.


-Reducing the initial snowmaking target if there is sufficient natural snowfall to ensure the season’s operation.

The probability of power cuts is very low. The ski area isn’t open during high consumption peaks (mainly between 6pm and 10pm) and shouldn’t be impacted.

The increase in energy costs (petrol and electricity) represents a huge part of a skipass price. Indeed, the price has increased this season. However, only a small part of the energy costs was passed on to the final price. The energy costs have been multiplied by 3.5 for the ski area.