The staff members of the Ski Lifts Company of Valmorel :

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ski lifts department
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ski patrols & snow groomer operators
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reception & sales department
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administrative department

Find out more about the work done in the Valmorel ski area through our reports and interviews.

Gaëlle, Lolie, Nicolas, Mickaël, Luc, and all the others… take you to the heart of their daily life, behind the scenes of the ski area, in the early morning!

Behind the scenes of the ski lift company, we will show you the world of Jérémy Mandès, our piste patrol/ avalanche dog handler and his dog, Jäger.

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Your safety first!

Because our mission is to ensure your daily security, and the men and women of the Ski Area do their best to make your vacation as pleasant as possible, we invite you to follow these few safety rules through 5 short videos fun!

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