Valmorel supports the "Ma Chance Moi Aussi" charitable organisation

Ma Chance Moi Aussi was founded in 2015 with the aim of giving equal opportunities to disadvantaged children and those from families that are unable to provide them with a proper education.



Their aims:

– To give disadvantaged children the chance to take control of their life and be properly integrated into society.

– To increase social inclusivity as a solution to a fragmented society.  


Ma Chance Moi Aussi  gives help to children growing up in households that suffer from a number of difficulties, which might be financial, social, cultural or linked with the health and stability of the family environment.

They also help and support parents in their educational role in order to boost their capabilities and help them become more open-minded.

What do they actually do?

Since 2015, Ma Chance Moi Aussi  has offered continuous support to children from their early years until adolescence, by helping them with study skills, their personal development and planning for their future adult life.

The organisation's specific actions include :

During term time:

- Help with homework and tutoring
- Workshops (chess, drama,IT, etc.)
- Sports sessions

During school holidays:

- Educational trips on the mountains and the seaside
- Childcare during the day